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EC ALL Ltd Moving towards a greener environment with Composting and Carbon Dioxide Cleaning

Carbon Dioxide Applications

There are numerous uses of carbon dioxide in various industrial and other fields. EC ALL Ltd is focused on carbon dioxide cleaning applications. With many years of carbon dioxide experience, EC ALL Ltd can easily expand to other areas of carbon dioxide use and also has knowledge of equipment and materials suitable for carbon dioxide applications in general.

Carbon Dioxide Fabric Cleaning

The carbon dioxide fabric cleaning process is a sub-critical carbon dioxide based cleaning process that has been developed for use by commercial and retail dry cleaners. Carbon dioxide is a non-flammable, non-toxic, colorless, tasteless, odorless naturally occurring gas that, when subjected to pressure, becomes a liquid solvent. The carbon dioxide used in the fabric cleaning process is an industrial by-product from existing operations, such as production of ethanol and fertilizers. The carbon dioxide cleaning process does not produce any new carbon dioxide and, so, does not contribute to global warming.

Other applications