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Big Hanna Composter

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Big Hanna is an on-site, in-vessel, aerobic composting machine. The automated, continuous process produces pathogen free, ready compost from food wastes, including fish, meat and dairy solids. Big Hanna can operate in warm and cold climates, indoors and outdoors. Capacities range from 330 to 5,300 lbs. per week. Big Hanna is well suited for use in a wide range of institutions and businesses, providing savings and work opportunities. Composting with Big Hanna contributes to a sustainable development.

Thanks to cooperation with Swedish company Susteco AB, manufacturer of Big Hanna Composters and owner of Big Hanna Trademarks, EC ALL Ltd has access to a wealth of history related to over 800 Big Hanna composting installations in more than 25 countries since 20 years.