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EC ALL Ltd Moving towards a greener environment with Composting and Carbon Dioxide Cleaning


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Eskil Eriksson, President of EC ALL Ltd has been involved in engineering projects throughout Europe and North America since 1985.

Claudia Eriksson, CFO of EC ALL Ltd has near thirty years of experience in professional administration services, sales and import-export as an employee in a large corporation and as a consultant.


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With experiences from work in a large corporation (AGA-Linde), Eskil Eriksson started EC ALL Ltd in 2004 to be able to provide flexible and adequate services and products to the carbon dioxide dry-cleaning industry.

Since 2010 EC ALL Ltd also offers Big Hanna composting solutions.

Through a wide network of companies and organizations, EC ALL Ltd provides its services and solutions with in-house capacity or through sub-contractors.


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Northfield OH 44067